Insurance Companies May Try Denying Malpractice Claims

The last thing any professional needs when facing an allegation of malpractice is for the insurance carrier to deny malpractice coverage. Nevertheless, this is a trend in the professional insurance industry.Whether the insured is a doctor, lawyer, architect, therapist or member of another profession, he or she may have paid into a professional malpractice insurance policy for years or decades. When the professional most needs access to money to pay legal fees and for other representational services, however, that loyalty may not be reciprocated.

Insurance companies often instruct their adjusters to find reasons to deny, delay or otherwise limit the amounts they pay out on professional malpractice insurance claims. Even when an insurance company lacks a stated policy to limit or eliminate professional malpractice claims, it may offer significant incentives (such as rewards programs) that encourage claims adjusters to limit or deny valid claims based on technicalities.

Our attorney, Andres Lopez, is highly experienced in Florida insurance law. He understands how the insurance companies work, how they avoid paying claims, and how to counter their tactics so his clients can win. Contact him for more information.


Common technicalities insurance companies use to deny coverage include:

  • Citing minor errors or discrepancies on the insurance application
  • Citing that a client’s specific claims are not covered by the insurance policy
  • Citing conduct by the client that allegedly invalidates the policy

These tactics save the insurance company money, but can end the career of a conscientious professional. By denying professionals access to funds for a legal defense and indemnification for malpractice-related damages, the insurance company effectively ends careers while fattening its pockets.


At The Andres Lopez Law Firm, we have years of experience in litigating against and negotiating with insurance companies. If your claim against a professional malpractice insurance policy was denied, delayed or diminished as part of an inadequate settlement offer by an insurer, we can fight to get the compensation you need.

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