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How to obtain a fiancé(e) visa in Florida

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2022 | Family Immigration and Citizenship

If you are getting married and your spouse is not a U.S. citizen, then you will need to obtain a fiancé(e) visa. This process can be complicated, which is why it’s important to keep the following information in mind.

What is a K1 fiancée visa?

The K-1 fiancé(e) visa is for the foreign-citizen fiancé(e) of a U.S. citizen, and it allows your fiancé(e) to enter the United States in order to get married to you, the U.S. citizen sponsor. After your marriage, your spouse can then apply for permanent residence.

What does the process entail?

The first step is to file a petition, known as an I-129F, with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once that gets approved, your fiancé(e) will then need to apply for a visa at a U.S. consulate or embassy in their home country. They will also need to undergo a medical examination and interview.

If everything goes smoothly, your fiancé(e) should receive their visa and be able to travel to the United States. Once they arrive, you will have 90 days to get married. If you do not get married within that time frame, your spouse will need to return to their home country.

Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are a few restrictions. For example, you as the U.S. citizen sponsor must have met your fiancé(e) in person within the last two years. There are some exceptions to this rule, but they are rare. You will also need to prove that you have enough income to support your spouse once they arrive in the United States.

Additionally, your fiancé(e) must be admissible to the United States. This means that they cannot have any criminal history or be considered a security risk.

There are a few benefits to obtaining a fiancée visa. First, it allows you to get married in the United States. This can be a more convenient option for couples who live in different countries. Additionally, it gives you 90 days to hold the wedding. If you are thinking about getting married and your spouse is not a U.S. citizen, then you need to discuss with them the possibility of obtaining a fiancé(e) visa.