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Should you report your injury in a big box store location?

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Premises Liability

Injuries can be suffered anywhere at any time in Florida, and they happen in a wide variety of situations. One of the most common scenarios for accidents is in local shopping outlets, many of which are big-chain operations that handle injury claims regularly. Management teams are required by law to maintain a reasonably safe shopping environment for customers, and particularly in walkways and on storage shelves. But the problem is that many times they fail in that responsibility, resulting in injured victims needing financial compensation. The question for the victims then is whether or not they should report the injury to the company.

Injury severity concerns

One of the reasons many customers do not report an injury is the concept that their injury will rehabilitate itself in short order and no medical attention is necessary. This is often flawed thinking because seemingly minor injuries can linger for years and even worsen over time. Regardless of how minor an injury seems, there could still be a negligence issue when a premises liability case goes to court, and the claim process begins with the initial doctor’s report.

Personal contribution to causation

Another primary reason that injured victims fail to file an injury claim is perceived personal fault. What many Florida residents do not understand is that the state uses pure comparative negligence law in accident injury cases allowing even those who are 99% at fault for their own injuries to receive 1% of their total damages in a personal injury claim.

Never assume that a seemingly minor injury is not financially recoverable even when it happens in a major chain store outlet. Many companies have established protocols when customers are injured, and it is important to at least establish the fact that the accident occurred and let the claim process begin.