Is Your Insurer Denying Your Claim?

Homeowners obtain insurance to protect themselves so that when something bad happens, they will have the financial resources to recover. Unfortunately, insurance companies are more concerned with their bottom line than assisting people fully recover (as they agreed to do under the insurance policy). The Andres Lopez Law Firm diligently works to protect the rights of homeowners and business owners in claims arising out of property damage caused by hurricanes, fire, flood, water leaks or other casualty.When hurricanes strike or other unfortunate incidents occur, which cause damages to their homes or businesses, homeowners and business owners expect their insurance company to honor their insurance policy and pay those claims without delay. Far too often, however, insurance companies either delay paying, or refuse to pay those claims, or when they pay, they pay less than the claim is worth. When this happens, The Andres Lopez Law Firm aggressively and zealously represents homeowners and business owners in Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and throughout the state of Florida to force insurance companies to pay their claims.


homeowner or business owner may not have to pay the attorney’s fees they incur to litigate against the insurance companies. If the claim is settled after litigation has commenced and you obtain any recovery, the insurance company may have to pay your attorney’s fees.


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