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The causes and symptoms of traumatic brain injuries

Americans everywhere, including in South Florida, may not realize that on an almost daily basis they are putting themselves in situations in which they may suffer serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries. For most people, the situation occurs when they get behind the wheel of their car. For others, it is when they are walking, jogging or riding a bicycle next to a roadway. All of the people who find themselves in these situations are open to one of the most common causes of injuries in the country: car collisions.

Among all of the causes of traumatic brain injuries - commonly known as TBIs - car accidents are by far one of the most common. However, there are other causes as well, including falls and sports injuries. TBIs can be mild, moderate or severe and the symptoms for each degree of TBI can be markedly different. And, in some cases, the injured victims may not even realize the extent of their injury until the days and weeks afterward.

Know your options after a personal injury occurs

Car accidents occur every day in America, especially in large metropolitan areas such as South Florida. Fortunately, most car accidents are minor fender-benders, usually resulting only in damage to the vehicles involved and not injuries to the people in the vehicles. But, unfortunately, there are many accidents that also result in severe injuries, and even death.

When injuries do occur in a car accident in South Florida, it may be necessary to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. In such a lawsuit, the injured party - the plaintiff - will usually need to prove that the other party - the defendant - had a duty that was breached, resulting in the accident and ensuing injuries. While this may seem fairly straightforward, sometimes it is anything but.

Deadly car accident occurs in North Miami Beach

Most Florida residents probably got a chance to have some time off of work to spend with family members and friends over the recent holiday season. But, just imagine having those good times shattered by the death of a family member in a car accident. According to a recent report, at least one family is going through this devastating issue.

A recent report detailed how, on the evening of December 27 at approximately 9 p.m., a 23-year-old woman died in a car accident. The collision reportedly occurred as the young woman was driving west on 163rd Street in nearby North Miami Beach and another driver turned in front of her while attempting to head north on 19th Avenue. The collision resulted in the young woman's vehicle bursting into flames.

The 4 stages of foreclosure that homeowners should know about

If you are a homeowner, you have probably heard of the dreaded f-word: Foreclosure. If you are facing foreclosure, you may feel overwhelmed—but you are not alone. The rate of homes that are currently in foreclosure is currently about 1 percent. During the recession of 2011, the figure climbed to 3.6 percent.

Many people have faced home foreclosure and either prevented it or come out stronger on the other side. One of the best things that you can do is learn more about the foreclosure process and what it could mean for you. In this post, we will address the four major stages of foreclosure that homeowners should know about.

What basics about contracts do Florida businesses need to know?

Almost every business in operation in Florida will need to enter into contracts at some point in time. Agreements between buyers, sellers, vendors and suppliers are all common when it comes to conducting business operations. So, it only makes sense for business people in Florida to know some of the basics of contracts.

What basics about contracts are the most important to know? Well, for starters, people should understand the most basic aspect of contracts. What is a contract? A contract is a written memorialization of an agreement between two parties. The contract, once signed, is legally "binding," which means that both sides are obligated to perform as agreed in the contract.

Could new laws in Florida get tough on distracted driving?

Distracted driving - and what to do about it - is a major topic of debate in states across the country, including in Florida. Throughout America various states have many different laws that address distracted driving behavior, such as cellphone use while driving. Now, according to a recent report, Florida may be joining the ranks of states with laws on the books to address this dangerous behavior.

The recent report indicated that many state legislators in Florida are now calling for laws to address distracted driving. According to the report, legislators are acknowledging that there is sufficient data to support the fact that distracted driving is a serious public health danger. That data, and public calls for action, may have pushed legislators toward action.

Overview of a wrongful death lawsuit

It can be hard for anyone to understand the agony of losing a loved one due to another person's negligent or reckless behavior. The family members and friends who are left behind are often bewildered and shocked, attempting to pick up the pieces of a life cut too short. Fortunately, surviving family members may have a legal remedy to pursue if the death of their loved one was caused by another party: a wrongful death lawsuit.

Like all legal cases, there are certain elements of a wrongful death claim that must be met in order for a family to be successful in proving their case. First and foremost, there is the obvious element of a death occurring. This is the easiest element to establish, but it must be proven in court nonetheless.

High-profile drunk driving accident in Miami makes national news

Drunk driving arrests happen all the time, especially in a highly-populated state such as Florida. We all hope that these arrests happen before a car accident occurs but, unfortunately, that isn't always the case. But, usually we don't see reports of a drunk driver actually making contact with law enforcement officials - especially by ramming their vehicle.

According to a recent report, that is exactly what occurred in a high-profile drunk driving accident that occurred on November 30 and resulted in national news headlines. The alleged drunk driver was one of pop star Justin Bieber's bodyguards.

Pursuing compensation after suffering neck and back pain

There are many different ways that Florida residents can suffer injuries, but car accidents are probably right at the top of the list. Whether the crash is caused by a distracted driver, a drunk driver or a driver who is simply not following traffic laws, car accidents can leave victims with significant injuries, which, in turn, can result in months or even years of pain.

Neck and back pain is common for victims of car accidents, particularly when they suffer whiplash injuries. The injuries may be addressed to the fullest extent possible by healthcare professionals, but the pain may linger. This can lead to victims being prescribed various medications and pain-control pills. And, as a result, the victims can incur an ongoing financial cost.

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