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Victims Of Drunk Driving Accidents Deserve Compensation And Justice

Florida law takes a harsh stance on drunk or intoxicated driving. Steep fines and criminal consequences are designed to deter people from driving under the influence. Still, far too often, innocent victims end up paying the price when impaired drivers get behind the wheel. The civil justice system offers a path for those victims to seek compensation and accountability.

At The Andres Lopez Law Firm, PA, we’re committed to seeking justice for victims of drunk driving accidents. Our attorney has a strong record of success in helping car crash survivors and their loved ones secure compensation. We understand the devastating, far-reaching impact that one person’s bad decision can have on innocent people – not to mention their entire families and future. We know these cases aren’t truly “accidents.” The impaired driver made a poor choice to get behind the wheel. And now, you are paying the price.

What Kinds Of Compensation Can You Pursue For Drunk Driving Collisions?

Drunk driving cases can result in significant damages for the victims, especially when there are serious injuries or tragic loss of life. We can help you pursue compensation for:

  • Your property damage
  • Your medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Future medical and rehab expenses
  • Your pain and suffering

Punitive damages may also be available in drunk driving cases. That means you could recover an amount above and beyond your expenses, designed to punish the drunk driver and deter others from engaging in that kind of reckless conduct.

While nothing can reverse the harm you have suffered, our goal is to equip you with the economic means to be financially whole again and to cover any past, present and future expenses relating to the crash.

You may also have a dram shop claim against the bar, restaurant or other establishment that overserved the drunk driver. These claims can provide an additional, often significant, source of compensation for your harm.

Don’t Travel Alone On The Road To Justice

You can rely on our award-winning personal injury lawyer to fight for you each step of the way. To learn more during a free consultation, please fill out a brief online intake form or call us at 754-764-6775. From our offices in Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs, we represent injury victims across South Florida.