What you need to collect after a car accident

On Behalf of The Andres Lopez Law Firm , PA | May 30, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

While car accidents in Florida can be chaotic, those involved must exchange personal details and insurance information before parting ways. However, you may not know what information to collect or what to do if others involved in the accident are uncooperative.

Essential information to collect

After a car crash, you want to get information like the names of others involved and their telephone numbers. Get their car insurance information, including the company’s name, phone number and information from their insurance card, like the expiration date and policy number.

Ensure you get details regarding the other vehicles involved, like the license plate number and make and model.

Use the camera on your phone to make collecting this information easier. You can snap a picture of the license plate or the insurance card. While you have your phone out, take pictures of the accident scene.

Calling the police after motor vehicle accidents is highly recommended. Even if the accident seems minor, contacting the police will ensure a report is filed. Jot down the names of the officers who respond to the accident.

Dealing with uncooperative drivers

Some drivers may refuse to give you their insurance and personal information after a car accident. They may fear criminal charges. Maintain a level head and stay calm when dealing with irate drivers. Don’t try to force them to give you their information. Instead, wait for the police to arrive and collect what information you can without their cooperation.

While car accidents can be scary, collecting essential information regarding others involved and the police who filed the report will give you the best chance at getting compensation later.