Who pays the medical bills for rideshare passengers if there’s an accident?

On Behalf of The Andres Lopez Law Firm , PA | November 30, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you’ve taken an Uber or a Lyft in the state of Florida, you may be wondering what would happen if there was an accident. Would it be covered by your driver’s insurance, the other driver’s insurance, or the rideshare company? Would you possibly even have to use your own healthcare coverage?

Do rideshare companies offer insurance?

While it is true that Uber and Lyft drivers are required to have automobile insurance, that protection only extends to the driver and the vehicle itself, not the passengers. If the other vehicle is at fault, their insurance might also cover passengers.

If a rideshare user sustains an Uber/Lyft injury, and the other driver has no insurance, the hospital would bill the passenger.

The Centers for Disease Control estimate that over 20 million Americans do not have healthcare coverage. An Uber/Lyft accident could potentially be costly for a passenger in this situation.

What kind of coverage protects passengers?

Some passengers suffering from Uber/Lyft injuries may be covered by their own insurance plans. Typically, these include:

  • Personal auto insurance that covers the policyholder as a passenger and not only a driver
  • Employee health insurance that covers automobile injuries
  • Personal accident insurance

What should passengers do in case of an accident?

If you sustain an Uber/Lyft injury, the costs can be overwhelming, depending on the severity of the accident, and recovering proper compensation may be a difficult process.

An automobile accident as a passenger can terrifying and dangerous, especially if the driver is not someone you see on a regular basis or know well. However, it does not necessarily mean you’ll be forced to pay out-of-pocket for any hospital visits or other medical care received due to an accident.